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Pet Car Travel Safety Reminder

Author: MayaAndPierson
March 10, 2010



Spring is almost here and it’s time to take our dogs to the park again. But don’t forget these very important pet car travel safety tips:

1) Don’t let your dog ride in the front seat unless your car doesn’t have passenger side airbags, or unless the passenger side airbags have been disabled.

2) It’s okay have the window partly down for your dog but don’t put it down enough for them to stick their head out. Not only can flying debris hurt your dog, but if you are in a car accident, a dog with his head out the window has the chance for more serious injuries such as choking or decapitation.

3) Restrain your dog with a dog car seat belt, pet car seat, or other pet car travel safety device. A restrained dog helps to prevent driver distraction and will help to protect your dog in the event of a car accident.

4) DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE IN THE CAR – EVER!! It may be cool outside but a car tends to trap heat, even with the windows down. Not only do you have to worry about heat stroke in your dog, but you also have to worry about dog theft. Purebred dogs have more risk, but even our American mutts are in danger form unscrupulous individuals who will kidnap your dog and hold them for ransom. Yes, it happens even to dogs. Your dog is also prone to cruelty if left alone in the car. If your dog likes to bark at a passersby, some not-so-nice people may intentionally aggravate and tease your dog.

5) Be sure to carry everything your dog needs for the trip. Things like their leash and water. You may also want to carry their vet information and a dog first aid kit.

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