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New Kennel Straps Restraint System

Author: MayaAndPierson
February 13, 2010


If your dog rides in a kennel or crate when they are in the car, your dog is much safer than a dog riding in the car without any safety restraints. But to make your dog as safe as a dog wearing a safety restraint such as a dog seat belt, try kennel straps restraint system. The kennel straps restraint system keep your dog’s kennel, carrier,or crate strapped safely in the car so that it does not slide off the seat in a sudden turn, stop, or collision. The kennel straps restraint system is made from the same seat belt quality webbing as the seat belts of your car. This kennel straps restraint system is made by the same company, Pet BuckleĀ®, which crash tests their pet travel products.

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