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Many dogs love to ride in the car. But a car ride doesn’t appeal to all dogs. Some dogs tend to get car sick which can lead to vomiting or voiding on your nice upholstery. So, in essence, to prevent your dog from vomiting or voiding in the car, you need to help keep them from getting car sick in the first place.

First and most importantly, make sure your dog can see out the window and have the window cracked open a bit for fresh air. If you have ever gotten an ill feeling as a passenger because you were reading a book or something, you have probably found that looking outside and cracking a window helps you feel better. It will help your dog too. If your dog is too small to look out the window, consider a pet booster seat.

Second, don’t give your dog anything to eat for an hour or two before going on the ride. And don’t allow them to drink too much water. You may consider exercising your dog after the car ride instead of before. Your dog will want to drink more water after exercising – and you should let them drink all the water they need after exercising. So save the fun and games for after the car ride.

And finally, make sure your dog takes a potty break just before going for a ride. Let them take care of all their business beforehand in order to decrease the likelihood of them doing it during the car ride. If you are taking a long car ride, make lots of stops for your dog. Let them out into the fresh air. Allow them walk around a bit. And let them take care of more business. Remember to keep your dog on a leash and to pick up after your dog. Having your dog off-leash and/or leaving their business behind may be illegal and could earn you a hefty fine.

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