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Tangle Free Seat Belts for Dogs

Author: MayaAndPierson
January 28, 2010


Have you ever used seat belts for dogs only to find that your dog gets tangled up in it? This is what generally happens if your dog moves around a lot while wearing the seats belt for dogs which uses a loop-system. What is a loop-system on seat belts for dogs? It has a loop on the back of the harness where the seat belt of the car goes through. But the seat belt of the car doesn’t lay flat against the seat unless your dog holds still – and many dogs don’t hold still. When your dog moves around, the seat belt of the car pulls away from the seat. If your dog tries to turn around, as some dogs will do, their legs get all tangled up in the seat belt of the car.

To avoid that, try using seat belts for dogs which uses a strap instead of a loop. Guardian Gear and Cruising Companion seat belts for dogs use a single strap which buckles directly into the seat belt receptacle of your car. The strap attaches to the back of the dog’s harness with a swivelled hook. So when your dog turns around, the strap doesn’t get twisted. The seat belt straps of the car are not even used so there is nothing to tangle your dog’s legs in.

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One Response to “Tangle Free Seat Belts for Dogs”

  1. Rudy James:

    I had one of those seat belts where my dog kept getting tangled. Good to know that there is an alternative which is just as safe!