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January 24, 2010


We recently received correspondence from one of our customers who purchased the Skybox Pet Booster Seat. Pam from Rockford, Illinois wrote us a wonderful letter about her experience. With her permission, we are sharing it here. First, she wrote about why she purchased a pet car seat. Her little Chihuahua mix named Salsa loves to ride in the car and he loves to look out the window. She used to let him ride in her lap until one day, she had to make a sudden stop. Poor Salsa got tossed into the gap of the steering wheel. Pam couldn’t turn and ended up hitting a car in front of her which she might have avoided if she had been able to swerve. Salsa was terrified and yelped for several minutes. Pam couldn’t leave the scene to take Salsa to the vet, so she comforted Salsa as best as she could while she exchanged information with the other driver and waited for police. But thankfully, by the time Pam got Salsa to the vet he was okay.

The next day, Pam bought our Skybook Pet Booster Seat. Pet Auto had lots of car seats to choose from, but Pam chose the Skybox Pet Booster Seat because its orange color is close to the same color as Salsa. It works great, she said. At first, she thought Salsa wouldn’t like it because he was so used to sitting in her lap. But Salsa was far more interested in looking out the window than in sitting in her lap and the Skybox Pet Booster Seat allows him to do this in comfort. The Skybox Pet Booster Seat┬áhas a strap which attaches to the back of Salsa’s harness, so Salsa can look out the window in safety and Pam can feel comfortable knowing that Salsa is safe.

Thanks, Pam, for sharing this information with us! If you have a story about an incident with your dog in the car, share it with us. You don’t have to buy any of our products in order to share your story, but we would like to hear that your dog now rides safely in the car.

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