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January 12, 2010

Nothing makes us happier than to hear that a dog was returned home after being lost. A couple and their three dogs were involved in a car accident just before Christmas. The three dogs left the scene, but luckily two of them were quickly found. Their German Short-haired Pointer, Kelso, was missing. Probably traumatized by an event which he couldn’t understand, Kelso had run off in terror.

Thankfully, ten days after the accident, Kelso was returned home. He had been on his own in very cold weather for nine days before a couple found him. Kelso was cold, tired, and very weak when he got home, but other than a bit of frostbite on his muzzle, he was in good condition.

To read more about this very happy conclusion to a tragic event, check out this article, “Dog in Car Crash Returns Home”.

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