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January 10, 2010


You give protect your dog and give them more room in the back seat with the Extend-A-Seat from Outward Hound. The Extend-A-Seat covers the floor of your car, giving your dog that extra space to stand, turn around, and move freely back and forth in the back seat. It also can provide some protection in that it keeps your dog from flying forward onto the floor should you have to make a sudden stop. Getting thrown forward an be a painful experience for your dog, even more so if they happen to twist or even break their let in the process. How would they break their foot, do you ask? Imagine your dog is looking out the window. He is standing perpendicular, right? Then you stop suddenly. If it is a big dog, two of his side feet will go to the floor while the two on the other side stay on the seat. With a sudden stop, the dog has no time to prepare and joints could be snapped. See how the Extend-A-Seat both helps to protect and gives them more room? Use the Extend-A-Seat in conjunction with a seat belt for dogs for added protection. A Guardian Gear or Cruising Companion brand seat belt for dogs have longer straps to give your dog more room to move around.

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