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Have You Seen The Snoozers?

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 26, 2009


Pet Auto has lots of pet car seats. The most comfortable ones are made by Snoozer. Check out the Lookout pet car seat, the Lookout Deluxe pet car seat, My Buddy pet car seat, the Snoozer Console pet car seat, Lookout Perch pet car seat, and the RollAround pet car seat. All these pet car seats are all made by Snoozer.

The Lookout pet car seat is very thickly padded. So is the Lookout Deluxe pet car seat. The only difference is that that the Lookout Deluxe pet car seat has a storage tray on the bottom of the pet car seat. Both these items have several colors to choose from.

The My Buddy pet car seat is just like the Lookout Deluxe but much bigger.

The Snoozer Console pet car seat is like the Lookout pet car seat but much smaller and made to strap on to the console rather than strap in with the car seat belt.

The Lookout Perch pet car seat is a different style and is made for larger pets.

And the RollAround pet car seat is also a pet carrier and back pack.

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