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December 4, 2009


Pet Auto isn’t just about protecting your pet in the car. It’s also about protecting your car from your pet. For the pet lover friends on your Christmas list who often take their dogs with them when they drive, fashionable pet car seat covers will make a great gift. Pet car seat covers will help to keep the dog hair from getting embedded in the fabric of the seats. They will also help to keep doggie odors and dirty paws from ruining the seats of the car. Pet Auto has a number of pet car seat coversto choose from including a brown paw prints pattern, black or blue quilt, pink or brown houndstooth patterns, camouflage pattern, and more. Pet Auto also has single pet car seat covers, but we don’t recommend that you put your dog in the front seat unless your car does not have passenger-side airbags or unless the passenger-side airbags have been disabled.

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