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June 29, 2008

travelindog.jpgWe have just recently come across a great car seat for dogs.  It’s the Travelin’ Dog Pet Seat made by The Good Pet Stuff Company (a division of Aquiline Innovations Corp).  This is a company located in California where the strictest pet auto safety laws in the country are being implemented.  The Travelin’ Dog Pet Seat follows all the guidelines being set forth in a soon to be passed California bill that will require all dogs in the car to be safely restrained.

The Travelin’ Dog Pet Car Seat features a heavy-duty strap hook which provides quick and easy hook-up to your pet’s harness. It fastens securely with your car’s own seat belt for a secure ride. The back 1 ½” strong wide straps provide support in sudden stops and the 1” side straps keep your pet from being thrown sideways. The seat belt passes through the plastic body of the peat seat, similar to an infant car seat, for a secure ride. A dependable anchor strap fastens through three openings to provide a strong anchor and the seat plastic is ribbed and reinforced. The hinged platform covers the storage space and allows easy access to the seat belt pass-through. The pet seat is shaped like a pet bed to provide comfort. It is semi-oval/square shaped approximately 18” wide and 17” long. Pets can ride 6″ above the seat with the legs folded under or at a 10″ height when the legs are extended. It can also be used outside of the automobile (in the home, hotel, etc.) as a pet bed when the legs are folded and in an up position. A thick foam and fleece seat padding provides your pet a comfortable and attractive riding surface with side padding for additional comfort. It has space under the riding platform which can be used to store your pet’s travel gear.Includes removable travel bowl with lid for food and water on the go. This car seat is best for small to medium sized dogs of up to 35 pounds.

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