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November 15, 2009

Comfortable and Safe Pet Travel

We have all seen a dog lying dead on the side of the road. But did you ever wonder how the dog got there? You probably thought that the dog went into the street and got hit by a car. This could be the reason, but sometimes the dog is there for another reason. Sometimes the dog is there because it was thrown from or jumped out of the car window or from the back of a pickup. That’s right, the dog had been safe in the vehicle until something happened which caused him to get into the road.

Even though your dog loves to put their head out the window, it really isn’t safe. Even dogs with the most experience riding in a car is in danger. What if you have to swerve out of the way of a bad driver? A dog in the lap with their head out the window could get thrown. Not only do they have to worry about being thrown from the car, they also have to worry about flying debris.

So please, keep your window up when your dog is riding. Or if you must have the window down for your dog, only put it down 2-3 inches. Or better yet, have the front window down while your dog is in the back seat. Consider getting a dog booster seat for your dog. A dog booster seat generally has a safety strap which attaches to your dog’s harness. So the dog booster seat will allow your dog to get the breeze from the window without exposing them to the dangers of an open window.

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