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November 11, 2009


The pet travel Extend-A-Seat is a good secondary safety solution for the traveling dog. A primary safety solution for the traveling dog would be a dog car seat or a dog seat belt. Since some dog seat belts allow your dog more room to move around, a dog can still get injured if they are thrown to the floor in a sudden stop. Whether a dog is wearing their dog seat belt or not, the pet travel Extend-A-Seat keeps your dog from getting thrown onto the floor.

The pet travel Extend-A-Seat creates an expanded space in the back seat. It is designed for dogs over 30 pounds so if you have a big dog (or big dogs) the pet travel Extend-A-Seat is perfect. I use it for Sephi and Maya. Sephi is about 55 pounds while Maya is about 70 pounds and they both ride in the back seat with their dog seat belts and with the pet travel Extend-A-Seat covering the floor. The pet travel Extend-A-Seat has survived a long drive to the Branson, Missouri area and an even longer drive to the Austin, Texas area.

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