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Dog Seat Belt

We have been keeping an eye out for a lot of articles in which dogs are involved in car accidents. Sometimes the articles are sad because the dog dies. Sometimes they are sad because the dog escapes from the car and gets hit by another car or disappears. Sometimes the dog is never found, and sometimes the dog is found several days later either dead or in very bad shape because they have been all alone for so long. And thankfully, a few articles are happy because the dog survives and gets rescued.

No one can predict a car wreck so the only thing we can do is try to be prepared. Although seat belts are not guaranteed to save our lives, it is more likely that we will survive a car wreck if we wear our seat belts than we would if we didn’t wear them. The same goes for the dog seat belts. And if our pet is lucky enough to survive a car wreck, dog seat belts can help in another way. The dog seat belts can keep the dog from escaping from the car and getting hit by another car or disappearing into the wilderness. Dog seat belts can also help keep your pet restrained so that a rescuer can tend to their injuries.

Don’t just think of dog seat belts as a way to help your pet during an accident, think of them as a way to help your pet after an accident too.

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