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November 2, 2009


Some dogs don’t like to ride in the car. Sometimes it is because they are scared of the car and their tummies get upset, and sometimes it is because the movement of the car doesn’t agree with them. If your little dog gets car sick in the car because of the movement, a pet car seat may be able to help. Ever read a book in the car (while someone else is driving, of course) and felt a little sick. For whatever reason, Our eyes on a stationary object while our brains are registering movement causes us to get a little car sick. The same can go for dogs. If your little dog is in a car, they probably can’t see any of the movement that their body can feel. So if your little dog can sit in a pet car seat, they can see out the window and this might help them from getting car sick.

Besides a pet car seat, here are some other things which might help keep your dog from getting car sick:
*Don’t allow your dog to eat or drink excessively before a car ride.
*Start getting your dog used to the car by taking them on short trips.
*Open a car window to give your dog fresh air
*If your dog is nervous in the car, distract them with a fun toy. Do what you can to make car riding fun. Nervousness can sometimes cause car sickness.

A pet car seat may not only help with car sickness, it may also save your pet’s life.

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