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Lola Driving the Car

Ever wonder what would happen to your dog if you got into a car accident?  Believe it or not, it happens more than you think.  We have a couple of blog posts which link to dogs who survived a car accident and managed to get home only after being lost for several days.  But the only time reports are made about dogs in car accidents are the reports in which a dog miraculously survives.  I suppose it isn’t newsworthy when it is just another dog who died in the car.  But it happens and it is tragic.

So what is the least which could happen if your dog is in a car accident?  The least is that the dog will get tossed about a bit and suffer a frightening experience.  The incident could be so traumatic that your dog may not want to ride in the car again. 

What’s the worst that could happen?  Lots of things.  Your dog could get thrown from the vehicle where it could die or even be hit by another car on the road.  Your dog could fly forward and hit a passenger, killing both the dog and the passenger.  A dog, no matter what size, could become a deadly projectile.  Your dog could get tossed around inside the car and break their legs, ribs, or even their neck.  They could suffer severe internal and/or external injuries.

How can you prevent this?  By having your dog wear a dog safety restraint when they are in the car.  A dog safety restraint can be a dog car seat belt, a pet safety seat, or even a safely secured dog crate.

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