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September 17, 2009

Generally speaking, dogs are crazy about car rides. They seem to have a true passion for the open road, as most of them will sit patiently and gaze out at the scenery without putting up a fuss. If the scenery pacifies them, the smells have the opposite effect. There are enough unfamiliar sights and smells along the highway that dogs can stay occupied for hours at a time.

A dog safety seat is especially advisable for two reasons. First, it protects the dog against the risk of stopping short; since they can’t wear a traditional seatbelt, dogs are susceptible to jarring turns and sudden stops in the car. Second, these safety seats are designed to restrain dogs so that they cannot impede the driver’s ability to operate a vehicle. Although it’s rare, some dogs like to wander around the car’s interior – a serious hazard to all concerned.

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