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September 13, 2009

dog car seat

When I first saw Maya, she was only four months old and in need of a good home. She was so adorable and I had been wanting a second dog for some time, so I agreed to take her from her previous owner (who had only adopted Maya a week ago).

Since getting Maya was a rather in-the-moment thing, I was completely unprepared to take her home in my car. So I did the best I could to block her from getting from the back seat into the front seat. But Maya was determined to sit up front with me.

I was just a little over a block away from home and was coming upon an intersection with signal lights. Because I was trying to push Maya back into the back seat, I completely overlooked the fact that the lights were red. Thankfully, I only got honked at and did not get into or cause a car accident.

Needless to say, I ordered a dog car seat belt for her as soon as we got home. Maya has worn her dog car seat belt ever since. (Of course we had to buy a new one when she got bigger РSee the photo above.  Yep, thats my Maya!)

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