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June 25, 2008

It’s summer and it’s HOT! The most important thing to remember to bring when you travel with your dog this summer is water. Just like people, dogs can get dangerously dehydrated in the heat. And just like people, they could die from heat exhaustion.

No matter where you travel this summer, be sure you bring lots and lots of water. You can get water along the way at convenient stores but convenient stores are not always conveniently located. You will need water not only for yourselves, but for your pets as well. Be sure to bring enough for everyone. If you are traveling a long distance by car, having water on hand could be a lifesaver. And don’t forget the dog’s water bowl when you travel. There is a huge variety of pet travel bowls that are small and easy to carry no matter where you go. Some pet travel bowls are collapsible and could even fit in your pocket, making it easy to provide water for your dog when in the car, at the park, camping, or on a long hike.

Pet Travel Bowl

Older dogs, overweight dogs, puppies, dogs with short pushed-in faces, and dogs with health problems are more susceptible to heat exhaustion than other dogs.  You may want to consider leaving your dog at home, with a friend, or in a boarding kennel rather than taking him with you.

Emergency Care:
If your dog is panting loudly and excessively, salivating more than normal, vomiting, lethargic, and/or the skin on the back of the neck does not spring back to normal when pinched, then these are signs of possible dehydration. If you think your dog is dehydrated, get him out of the sun and somewhere cool as soon as you can. Try to get him to drink some cool water and give him ice if you have any. If there is a pool of cool water nearby or even a water hose, allow your dog to get wet. And be sure to allow your dog to continue to pant. Dogs don’t sweat like we do so panting is their way of cooling down. If you don’t notice any changes within 15 minutes, get your dog to the vet immediately. Heat exhaustion can cause your dog to go into shock. It can also cause some serious damage to your dog’s organs.

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