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July 29, 2009


If your dog sits in the back seat, please remember that sometimes the cool air you get in the front seat just doesn’t reach to the back seat area very well. The summer heat can be very dangerous to your dog, especially in an enclosed area.

So how can you help your dog keep cool when in the back seat? Make sure they have plenty of water. But also check out the Kool Kennel A/C. The Kool Kennel A/C emits more than 20 degrees F cooler air. And you can put Kool Kennel A/C anywhere in the back area of the car just for your hot dog. You can even put the Kool Kennel A/C in the crate for your crated dog.

Remember, we never recommend that you leave your dog in the car unattended. Even if left for only a few minutes with the windows down, the heat can kill your dog. So only use the Kool Kennel A/C when you are traveling. If you have to stop somewhere, take your dog out of the car with you.

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