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Benefits of a Pet Auto Barrier

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 27, 2009

car barrier for dog

A Pet Auto Barrier doesn’t keep your dog in the seat like a dog seat belt would. But it does protect both you and your dog. It keeps your dog in the back so he doesn’t distract the driver. And the pet auto barrier keeps your dog from flying out of the front windshield should a sudden stop or impact occur.

Some people have argued that the pet auto barrier killed their dog because of the impact of the dog hitting the barrier. But it wasn’t the pet barrier which killed the dog, it was the car accident itself. If the pet auto barrier had not been there, your dog would have become a dangerous projectile and could have further harmed the front passengers. Or the dog would have flown out through the glass of the front windshield and onto the road.

No auto safety feature for either you or your pet is guaranteed, but having some sort of safety device, such as a pet auto barrier, is much safer than having none at all.

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