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July 25, 2009

Lola Driving the Car

If your dog is sitting in your lap when you drive, this is not only a danger to you, but also to your dog. Your dog may hold still and simply snuggle up in your lap, but what if you have to stop suddenly? Your dog will most likely get thrown onto the floor under the pedals.

If your dog looks out the window when you drive, your dog may fly out of the window if you stop too quickly. You don’t have to slam on the brakes for your small dog to get thrown.

A dog in your lap is a very real danger. So please keep your pet off your lap when you drive. If your dog insists on trying to sit in your lap, this can be a distraction too. Try putting your dog in a pet car seat or a dog seat belt harness. A pet car seat for a dog can be as safe as a baby seat is for a child. And a dog seat belt harness can be as safe for a dog as it is for a person.

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