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February 10, 2015

In 2013, the nonprofit organization, the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), tested a number of dog car harness brands. The brand they found to be the safest was the ClickIt brand. The AllSafe brand was not far behind. There was only one issue that kept it from ranking the best. The tether allowed the dog to launch off the seat in the crash test simulation.

CPS Case Study of the AllSafe

Even though the AllSafe uses a short 6″ tether, it was still too long for optimum safety. So, AllSafe recommends the following tactic to make the harness safer:

AllSafe Dog Car Harness Through the Back

Put the seat belt of the car directly through the back of the harness for optimum safety.

By putting the seat belt of the car through the back like this, you can limit your dog’s movement in the event of an auto accident. Limiting movement helps keep your dog in the seat and from getting tossed side-to-side.

Keep in mind, however, that limiting your dog’s movement might also make him uncomfortable. In being uncomfortable, he may try to chew the harness off or wiggle out of it. For this reason, AllSafe still includes the short 6″ tether with their product. If you need a longer tether, you can get this as well. Come visit us at Pet Auto Safety for the AllSafe dog car harness and for the longer tether.

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3 Responses to “Making the AllSafe Dog Car Harness Safer”

  1. Jodi:

    I don’t think either of my dogs would like being clipped in that fashion. Considering the struggles were having with boots, I’m thinking car harnesses might be a ways off. 🙂

  2. MayaAndPierson:

    I think about the stories you’ve told of Delilah and I think you’re right 😉 She would not like a car harness. I can only imagine how she reacted to the boots. Maya and Pierson did surprisingly well with their boots. They didn’t like them, but as soon as we started walking, they were so happy about the walk that they forgot they were wearing them.

  3. MayaAndPierson:

    As an artist, I enjoy designing. But trying to take photos of Maya and Pierson in the car when it is cold outside and when they are only giving me bored looks is not so fun. All I can say is that it took lots of photos and lots and lots of cookies. 🙂