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July 22, 2009
Protecting That Doggie in the Window

Most dogs appreciate a spin in the family sedan. They show this appreciation by barking and wagging their tails anytime the words “car” and “ride” are mentioned in the same sentence. From the moment they leap into the backseat, dogs are positively fascinated with their surroundings. They want to experience the full gamut of interesting smells that surround them, and often this means sticking their entire head out the window.

For obvious reasons, that practice isn’t safe. Dogs can get carried away and try to jump out of the vehicle to catch an animal that’s wandering along the roadside. Not to mention the risk of serious injury presented by other cars or debris that pass rapidly by the window. Dog booster seats keep canines secure while still offering them a commanding view of the scenery. Dogs shouldn’t be punished for their natural urge to look out the window, but they should be kept safe.

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