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July 8, 2009
Dog Barriers Keep Natural Curiosity in Check

My family holds a biennial reunion in Florida, and ever since I moved to Nebraska I’ve been making the long haul in my SUV. My wife and two daughters normally go along for the ride, and recently we’ve added a black lab to the caravan as well. The dog seems to enjoy car trips, but he gets too excited by the sights and sounds to stay still. I realized it wouldn’t be safe to take him such a long distance without restraint.

The dog’s safety was obviously a priority, but I also wanted to stop his curious streak from impairing my driving abilities. Until that point, I had only seen dog barriers that were meant for home use. It turns out that the car version works in a similar way, keeping the dog corralled and the driver’s mind on the road ahead. Now our dog has his own space to roam safely in the back of the SUV.

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