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August 7, 2014

Barks and Bytes Blog Hop

Thank you for stopping by again everyone! As you’ve noticed, I don’t do Barks & Bytes every week. That is because I don’t want to inunduate you all with advertising! I have two dog blogs and this one is mostly promotional. What can I say? I’ve got two pampered pups to support! 🙂 (If you’re interested in my non-promotional dog blog about Maya and Pierson, check out my personal blog,

Before I share pet travel info with you today, let me first thank Jodi with Heart Like a Dog and Linda with 2 Brown Dawgs for hosing the Barks & Bytes blog hop. Thanks, ladies! 🙂

Portable Pet Travel Flat Seat


I’ve probably posted about this new pet travel product a dozen times on my social media sites already but that is because I really love it. I’ve always loved its comparable product, the Backseat Bridge, but the Portable Pet Flat Seat is a hundred times better! True it is more expensive too, but you get what you pay for. And I really got my money’s worth. Next week I’ll compare the flat seat with the other two seat extenders I have.

Despite the fact that I’m always on the lookout for new pet travel products, I did not actually find this product. The woman who designed the Portable Pet Travel Flat Seat (Deb) found me. She is a dog lover who noticed that her big dog sometimes comes off the seat even though he is wearing his dog car harness, and so designed this product to give him more room to spread out and be comfortable. The black dog in the photo, by the way, is her dog Howie.

Anyway, Deb called me one day while I was walking Pierson and asked if I would advertise her product on my site. Just advertise, I asked? What if I try to sell it too? She had never heard of dropshipping and so I explained it to her. And a relationship was born. In exchange for some graphic designs (because I am an artist too) I received a Portable Pet Flat Seat of my very own. Here is a video of me installing it for the first time.

As you can see, the installation took me less than 10 minutes. It might have taken me less time if I had read the instructions first! 😮

Maya is featured in the video. And just so my dog Pierson wouldn’t be left out, I took some photos of him on the pet travel flat seat as well.

Dog Pierson on Pet Travel Flat Seat in Car 1 Dog Pierson on Pet Travel Flat Seat in Car 2

What do you think? Isn’t he handsome? Silly question, right? Of course he’s handsome!


Thank you Jodi, Linda, and Lindsay (with That Mutt) for being regular commentors on my pet travel blog. I really appreciate your feedback. And I want to also apologize to Jodi for the fact that her comments do not always get posted right away. For whatever reason, Jodi, your comments are going to my spam folder! I have no idea why. It shouldn’t be doing that for people I have approved comments for in the past. And so it took me three days to notice you left a comment and for me to approve it. Since I don’t have Captcha, I get over 100 comments in my spam folder a day. If I don’t check my spam comments every day, they can build up fast. Luckily, Jodi, I found both your comments on the Barks & Bytes #8 post through the 500 or so spam comments that had built up. I’m sorry it took me so many days to find. And I’m sorry comments have to go through moderation. But I’d rather search through 100 or more comments a day than utilize Captcha.


My new writer, Patrice, has written another great pet travel article for me. Check out Plan a Great Pet Friendly Trip.

Thanks for stopping by for the Barks & Bytes blog hop! Have a great rest of the week and a great tail-waggin’ weekend!

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4 Responses to “Barks & Bytes #9 – More on the Pet Flat Seat”

  1. Lindsay:

    Every now and then my site also decides a friend’s comments should be spam. No idea why.

    Nice video! “Maya is excited.” haha! The flat seat looks nice, especially for bigger dogs that may want to stretch out, like you said. Maya looks like she is pretty comfortable on it!

  2. Jodi:

    Thanks for joining the blog hop Dawn and don’t apologize for the comments, I totally get it.

    Are you a WP user? If so I have this plug in (it’s a free plug in) called WP-SpamShield it is AMAZING! It has basically stopped my spam. The plug in tells me my average spam is 193 per day. Askimet used to put them all in a spam folder and I would go through them (had to do it every few days or it would take hours) but now, none of the spam gets through. I highly recommend it!

    I think I’ll be saving up for one of these flat seat things, it looks like a great product.

  3. 2 Brown Dawgs:

    Darn spam folder. It sometimes puts my regular commenters in there too, for no reason.

    That Flat Seat is really neat. Where was that when I had a car?

    Funny story that you might appreciate. Sometimes we go to the Detroit Auto Show and sometimes the engineers that design the cars and trucks are there for questions. Many years ago we were looking to buy our first pick-up. This was about the time they came out with the crew cabs (or 4 door pick-ups with the full back seat). The one we were looking at had a back seat that flipped down but it was not flat and there was a gap. I asked the engineer about the seat and why wasn’t it flat because we want to put our dog back there. He thought for a bit and said he did not know. The next redesign, the seat folded flat. Still had the gap but at least it was flat….lol. I am not taking credit, but I bet lots of people asked. Our truck now is flat and no gap.

    Thanks so much for joining the hop! Thanks for being a loyal hopper.

  4. MayaAndPierson:

    Lindsay, I had Maya in the video just because I knew she’d add a little comedy to the otherwise boring review. She’s always making me laugh.
    Thanks, Jodi! Yes, I use WP so I’ll ask my web hosting company if they can implement that for me. 🙂
    Linda, that really is a funny story. Not funny haha, but I know what you mean. I bet you weren’t the only one to comment on the seats. I spoke to Subaru about their plastic rings in the cargo area and asked why they weren’t metal. If I want my dogs to ride in the back of the Outback, I’d like a metal clip to secure my dog car harness tethers to rather than a plastic one. Since they are all about dogs in cars and even supported the Center for Pet Safety’s study on dog car harness safety, then I hope they listened to my concern.