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May 28, 2009


Another important thing for pet owners to remember is to pick up after the pet. This is a very easy thing to do. Plastic grocery bags are great for picking up your pet’s little messes. Simply put your hand in the bag, pick up the mess, then turn the bag inside out over the mess. Tie it off and discard it in the nearest trash can. There are also several pet wate bags on the market. Some pet waste bags are even biodegradable. Your neighbors will appreciate you picking up after your dog. People playing in parks will be grateful as well.

Practice these five pet travel tips every time you take your dog in public. Keep your dog on a leash and keep them under control. Don’t take your pet into places where they don’t belong and never leave your pet unattended. Be sure to pick up after your pet. These practices not only help in making a public experience pleasant for everyone, but they keep your pet safe as well.

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