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May 20, 2009


One of the best pet travel tips for traveling with your dog is to always have your dog on a leash. The main importance of this is that you don’t want your dog to get away from you and get lost in a place they are not familiar with. Keep your pet’s leash short if you are around a lot of people. Some people are frightened of or strongly dislike dogs and may act defensively in response when a dog approaches them. Also, know your dog’s behavior. Avoid those things that you know your dog reacts negatively to whether it be children, other pets, or even noise. Adults generally know not to approach a dog without asking you first, but children may not. If you are not sure how your dog will behave around people or children, be especially attentive and prepared to pull your dog away from the situation. Even if you and your pet are in an off-leash area, always monitor your dog’s behavior. If you see your dog jumping on people or being a bully to other dogs, put your dog on a leash.

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