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May 12, 2009


Don’t let your small dog have free reign in your car. There are lots of pet travel supplies designed to keep your small dogs comfortable and safe. Probably pet travel supplies for small dogs include a pet car seat and/or a dog safety harness. Pet car seat designs include the kind that hangs from the headrest of the car seat or the kind that sits on the seat and is strapped in with the car seat belt. To keep your small dog in the car seat, most pet car seat designs have a strap which can be attached to the dog’s harness. Other pet travel supplies for small pets include a pet crate.

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One Response to “The Perfect Pet Travel Supplies for Small Pets”

  1. JacknJill:

    My dogs hate the seat belts but they love their car seat. Funny, both ways they are strapped in but they don’t seem to notice in the car seat.