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Introduce Your Dog To The Car

Author: FidoIntheCar
April 15, 2009

dogsafetybelttrufit-petautosafety.jpgYou want your dog to join you on your vacation but you’re not sure how he will behave in the car.  Dog experts insist that it is easy, if the dog is properly introduced to the unfamiliar moving vehicle.  He should associate the car with pleasant things that he enjoys.  When properly introduced, he will look forward to future rides.  And he will reward you with a loving bark and wag of his tail.

Teaching the dog to ride in a car does not stop there.  You have to make sure that safety precautions are in place. A dog safety belt will keep the dog in place while the car is running. Make sure that the construction is strong enough to restrain the dog when necessary.  At the same time, think about the comfort of the dog.  Is he able to move around in different directions?  Dogs are curious animals and they would like to see things on the road.

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