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September 7, 2013

I am keeping an eye out for the upcoming report on the recent study completed by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS). As you may know, they conducted a preliminary test on four dog car harness brands in 2011 and that test did not have promising results. But not to worry, there’s hope. Thanks to some funding help from Subaru, CPS has been busy doing further studies. They will have a full report available in early October.

So what if you want a dog car harness now? After all, having your dog use some sort of restraint is better than not using one at all (see our August 24th post about the dangers of an unrestrained pet in the car). Thankfully, CPS has some great tips for you. Please go visit their page at and get answers to questions such as, “How do I find a good harness for my dog?” or “Can I use a longer tether?”

They’ve also answered a couple of questions for us as retailers. Firstly, they strongly advise us not to make claims beyond those of the manufacturer. That stands to reason. I hope you have found our website and blog to be honest and forthcoming.

CPS also advises us that they do not specifically endorse any product. This might mean their October report will only contain information about safety features to look for in a dog car harness. I am hoping the report will also tell us which products they’ve found to be the safest, but that would be a form of endorsement. I guess we’ll see in October.

CPS may not be endorsing specific products, but they will be developing a safety certification seal. I believe the certifications will come out later after the report in October. And the certifications will not be issued unless the manufacturer seeks to obtain the certification and passes the certification requirements. This means there will be some manufacturers who will not seek certification. I hope all the brands we sell will seek certification. If they don’t… well, you might see some changes on our retail site.

As soon as we get new information we will be sure to share it. So sign up to our blog. Also, feel free to comment below with questions, news, or any other information you want to share about pet travel safety.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Dawn with Maya & Pierson

P.S. Go visit our other blog to see the video of Maya swimming at the Pooch Plunge event.

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5 Responses to “Pet Safety Saturday – More on the Center for Pet Safety”

  1. JJ:

    What about cats?

  2. MayaAndPierson:

    Cats don’t do well in a car harness. They would probably ride better in a travel crate. Consider the Sleepypod Air and other carriers. They are perfect for cats and have been crash tested. The Center for Pet Safety will also be conducting their own studies on pet carriers. I’m not sure when they will do that, though.

  3. Lindsay:

    I am also anxiously waiting for this report to come out!

  4. Carol Bryant:

    I am so glad for the CPS. I met them at BlogPaws and really got an education. TY for the links, Dawn!

  5. Jodi:

    I sure hope they seek certification, I for one would be far more likely to purchase one that had been certified over one that had not. It might give a manufacturer an edge over a competitor.