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Follow Up Friday #8

Author: MayaAndPierson
August 23, 2013
My Dog Pierson Eating Sonic Ice Cream

I walked with Pierson to pick up my car from the auto shop and we stopped at Sonic on the way back. Did you know they give out a free sample for your dog?

Time for another edition of Follow Up Friday hosted by HeartLikeADog and SandSpringChesapeakes. Follow Up Friday is where we follow up with the events of the week. So check out what you missed, then go see what our doggy blogging friends are up to with the blog hop below.

Pet Safety Saturday – Outdoor Hiking Safety

I can’t believe I completely forgot to include first aid supplies in my list! Thankfully, all the bloggers talking about first aid this month reminded me and I added it on as an update. Jodi with suggested other items you should brink hiking – “a flashlight as well as an extra collar and leash.” And she also suggested a pepper blaster. I live in Kansas where the predators are not very big. So it never occurred to me to bring pepper spray. But it sounds like a fantastic idea.

Monday – My Car and Pierson’s Poem

It took forever, but I finally got my car back. I almost had it back last Friday but it died on me as I pulled into my driveway. I couldn’t restart it so had it towed to a repair shop. It was about 3pm so, of course, they didn’t have time to look at it that day. And they were closed on the weekend. They finally had a chance to look at it on Monday and guess what? The car started for them! They even drove it around. They couldn’t find anything wrong with it at all. πŸ˜›

My car is home now and seems to be doing fine. It’s almost as good as new. Just look at that shiny new bumper! We’re ready to roll for the next pet event. πŸ™‚

Bumper on Car Fixed

Look at my shiny new bumper!

My Car Bumper Fixed

See how pretty it is?

Also, Pierson’s poo poem was selected as one of the winners for the Bad Poetry Day Contest. If you haven’t seen the poem, go check it out on our other blog. The poem is titled, Roses Aren’t Edible, and isΒ a blogging sensation – 30 comments!!! Apparently you all like poo too. πŸ˜‰

Pet Travel Destination Tuesday

No comments for the post on Seattle, Washington. But I forgot to mention one made by Lindsay with ThatMutt.comΒ from the previous Tuesday. She says, “Our favorite pet friendly travel destination has always been the north shore area of Lake Superior in Minnesota. We can always find dog friendly trails and cabins or hotels. Plus, lots of places for dogs to go swimming.” This sounds like a lot of fun! Tell us more, Lindsay.

Because I own my own business, I pretty much work it seven days a week and our family seldom gets to do much traveling. So, Lindsay and anyone else who’d like to talk about their favorite pet travel destination, feel free to email me with more information and photos for a guest spot.

Question of the Week

How can I keep my dog from wiggling out of the dog car harness?

This is such a common occurrence that we include a tip sheet with all our pet seat belt orders. The fact is if a dog is not used to wearing a harness and hates to be restricted in the car, he is going to try to wiggle his way out of it. And a very determined dog might just be able to do so. How can you keep him from getting out of it? Not by tightening it. In fact, this may make your dog even more determined to get out of it because it makes him uncomfortable. And if it is too tight, he could hurt himself when he tries to wiggle free.

Is there a brand that is escape-proof? Not that we have found so far, though some are more difficult than others. If anyone ever makes the claim that theirs is escape-proof, I can almost guarantee that some dog somewhere will prove them wrong. For one, consider the design of a dog car harness. With safety in mind, the neck of a pet seat belt has to be wide in order to prevent choking. This means it can’t be snug around the neck like a collar.

So what can you do? Our tip sheet suggests training. If you use a Halti or Gentle Leader on your dog for walking, then you probably already have an idea of what to do to get your dog used to wearing a dog car harness. Check out an article we wrote on HubPages for more extensive training tips.

That’s all for today. Thank you so much everyone for stopping by. If you have any questions on pet travel or on any of our products, just comment below or email me at Also, feel free to share information on photos on your favorite pet travel destination.

Dawn with Maya & Pierson

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4 Responses to “Follow Up Friday #8”

  1. Jodi:

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!

    I’ve seen a couple of posts on first aid and items you should take when walking, I think it comes dow to personal preference and the area in which you live/hike. Someone who does most of their hiking in a more isolated area will probably need to pack different items than someone like me who keeps their walks to a small, somewhat populated area.

    On the subject of harnesses, I don’t know whether you follow this blog or not, but Emma just did a review of the safety harness they use in their car. I thought you might like to check it out, it is test and approved for the Auto Bahn in Germany.

    Is it okay that I sent you a link?

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. MayaAndPierson:

    Good point on the necessary hiking items. We certainly don’t need to pack a suitecase when we go hiking, but some things are probably more necessary than others in different situations.

    It’s absolutely okay that you included a link. πŸ™‚ My friend in the UK showed me these AllSafe dog car harnesses and they look great! We are considering them. However, my concern is the price and we’ve decided to wait to see what the Center for Pet Safety says in the fall. They are doing a new press release then and will hopefully reveal which brands have held up to their claims and which havent. AllSafe’s claim, “AllSafe is one of the only crash test certified dog restraints currently available in the U.S. and Europe” is pretty much the same claim as from all the other manufacturers. Each manufacturer has had their own studies done at various crash test facilities and institutions. But as far as I know, there is no “official” crash test certification. I think the Center for Pet Safety is gearing up to provide that.

  3. Donna:

    “I live in Kansas where the predators are not very big.”

    No matter where you live, there are always two legged predators to be concerned about, sadly. πŸ™

    Glad you got your car back! πŸ™‚

  4. MayaAndPierson:

    That’s very true! πŸ™ Although, I would think that having two big dogs with me would be a deterrent. Plus my husband usually goes too. Years ago when I was single, my dog Smokey and I went hiking in Sedona, Arizona and surrounding area. Even though Smokey was an excellent guard dog, I carried pepper spray too.