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March 26, 2009

Watch out for Sephi and Maya!  They are going to travel in our Pet Auto Safety car from Overland Park, KS to Austin, TX just before the big Easter weekend.  They are going to go to visit their human grandparents, human aunts and uncles, and their doggy cousins.  It is going to be quite a housefull of both dogs and humans.  The doggy cousins include Fritz the Yellow Lab, Kalua the Toy Chihuahua, Killer the Lhasa Apso, Lucky the Chihuahua mix, Callie the Chocolate Lab, Tinkerbelle the Italian Greyhound mix, and Mocha the Toy Chihuahua.

Sephi and Maya will be sitting in the back seat of the car and they will each be wearing a dog car harness.  The back seat of the car also has an Extend-A-Seat so that they have more room to move around and I don’t have to worry about them falling on the floor.  We will stop at several rest stops along the way since it is a 12+ hour drive.  This way the dogs can go potty and get a fresh drink of water from their portable dog travel bowls.  Rest generally have pet areas just for those people who travel with their dogs.  I won’t forget to pick up after Sephi and Maya and I won’t let them in the rest area bathrooms.

It should be a fun trip!  Wish us luck as we travel in pet safety.

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