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Go-Tech Adventure Harness Review

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 22, 2013

Spaniel Wearing Go-Tech Dog Car Harness

We received some feedback recently regarding the new Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure harness. For the most part, the harness is very well made and designed. However, two negative points to consider are the neck seems too large and the loop tether is not easy to use. This is the full review we received:

This website was easy-order: they followed-up same day with a question on my color selection, shipped next day and product arrived a day later.  My review of the Kurgo Go-Tech Harness is mixed.   Great quality product!  I’ve been looking for a seat-belt harness in several of the national brand and local pet-stores and this is by far the best made product I have seen.  I tried the Kurgo Tru-Fit on my dog at a shop locally and this new Go-Tech is definitely a big improvement over the former version.  The lower neck design is a huge improvement (the Tru-Fit was choking my dog); the harness is easy to get on;  has metal buckles; the overall construction is sturdy at every point and looks like it would protect the dog much better than anything else I’ve seen.  The harness is visually attractive and is the only car restraint I’ve seen that looks like it could actually be used regularly as a walking harness with a front-hook for a leash (several of the other options say they can convert but the most cursory glance shows the reality is you are going to have to take them off and put on a walking harness for anything other than a quick potty stop).  Now the downside.  First negative: the harness does not adjust at the neck.  If it fits your dog, I can definitely see a safety benefit it the way this is designed as a continuous neck support and I’d say “buy it.”  However, it is made for a stocky dog and you need to pay attention to the recommended neck measurements, which unfortunately are not shown on the website.  I bought a medium for my Welsh Springer Spaniel and it is huge around her neck and has to be returned – think cowl-neck sweater.  The box shows a neck range of 16-25 inches (my dog is 14 inches), chest range 18-28 inches (my dog is 23 inches), and weight range of 25-50 pounds (my dog is 34 pounds).  When I clipped the leash on the front-hook the whole thing twisted around upside down and it would need to be at least 3 inches tighter at the neckline for it to be an option for my dog.  Harness overall is wonderful and I do hope Kurgo will expand the product line to include some “tweener” sizes (similar to Easy Walk Harness sizing structure) which accommodate dogs with chest sizes smaller than their barrel size. Second negative: I’m not a big fan of the looped seat-belt tether.  It is sturdy and the D-Ring end clips onto the harness easily.  However, hooking a tether loop around the seat-belt is annoying, awkward, gets twisted when dogs move, and can be destructive to the car.  If you are like me and often leave the park with a wet, muddy, poison-ivy dog, having to buckle my seat-belt over the doggie seat cover and let her soak it in grime defeats the purpose of buying a seat-cover in the first place.  Also, my dog will chew through the car seat-belt to release herself when it is buckled behind her (expensive repair).  The loop makes it difficult to convert the back-seat between human and dog usage quickly in both time and needing to wash down the seat-belt.  If Kurgo would simply make both ends with D-hooks the tether could easily be clipped on directly to the seat-belt webbing at the seat-belt latch point and would greatly improve function and leave the seat-belts safely retracted behind a seat-cover.  I think many people are going to find themselves spending extra to buy a Bergan or Pet Buckle Kwik-Connect tether to replace the one Kurgo includes.

Very informative, and we appreciate the feedback. Let us address it:

Go-Tech Adventure Harness at Neck

Regarding the neck size, it does seem overly large, especially for dogs on the smaller end of the size range. We are asking Kurgo about this, but they are at the national Super Zoo exhibition this week and so won’t hear back from them until next week. Three things to consider, though, about the neck size: 1) The harness is not supposed to go up around the dog’s neck. It is supposed to lie lower around the front of the chest. But as the reviewer demonstrates above, it can still be too big. This harness is in the right place, but it still has three inches to spare. 2) Kurgo may have designed the neck to be loose on purpose. In a car accident, you don’t want the harness to choke your dog. 3) Dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so it is difficult to design a harness for every possibility. When Maya & Pierson tried on the large Go-Tech, I did notice it was a bit loose around Pierson’s lower neck, but it fit Maya perfectly. As soon as I hear back from Kurgo, the company who designed the Go-Tech, I will post their response. There may be another explanation as to why it seems so loose around the neck.

Sephi Kurgo Dog Car Harness

Sephi is wearing the Kurgo dog car harness with a loop tether.

Regarding the loop tether, we have found that the tether works great for some dogs but works terribly for others. Take my Aussie-mix Pierson, for example. He is calm and quiet in the car so the loop tether presents no problems for him. I feel that the loop tether is safer because it is shorter and uses the seat belt system of the car. The Center for Pet Safety has conducted a study on the different kinds of tethers and has confirmed shorter tethers are better. Imagine your dog in a car accident. With a short tether, your dog is confined to his seat. With a longer tether, he still gets tossed around, possibly slammed into door and windows and back of seats. But the short looped tether with my Labrador Maya just doesn’t work. I completely agree with what our reviewer is saying about tangling. The more a dog moves around, the more likely this will occur. And so we have disclosed this on our retail site. Kurgo knows about this issue as well so they have designed a new direct connect dog seat belt tether. This tether gives Maya more freedom to move around and she doesn’t get tangled in it. At this time, all Kurgo dog car harnesses come with the looped tether only. The direct connect tether is sold separately.

If you’re considering the Go-Tech Adventure harness, be sure to look at the measurements and compare. We have since updated our site with the correct neck size information. Ask yourself, “Am I okay if the lower neck part is loose and doesn’t adjust?” Also consider your dog’s temperament. If your dog is like my Maya, then you may want to also consider purchasing the direct connect tether.

Buckle Strap for Dog Car Harness

Kurgo Direct to Seat Belt Tether

We are thankful for this information. It is good to know the pros and cons and feedback helps with future improvements. 🙂


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2 Responses to “Go-Tech Adventure Harness Review”

  1. GizmoGeodog:

    This is a really great product review…Your reader has given such complete details and was so honest about the pros and cons…It really gives me the knowledge I’d need to consider the product

  2. SephiAndMaya:

    I love honest reviews, Gizmo. It really helps us learn the products better. Even though Maya & Pierson try them out, our experience may not always be the same as for other people and their dogs.