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Keep Dog Drool off your Car Interior

Author: MayaAndPierson
June 17, 2008

Have you noticed doggy nose prints and slimy dog drool on your car windows and door panels? Not only is it disgusting, but the doggy drool can permanently damage your precious car interior if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. And while drool may not damage the windows, it sure is difficult to clean. There is a solution out there for those of us who like to travel with our pets but don’t like the damage done to our car.

Introducing a new product from Kurgo. The Kurgo car door guards protect your vehicle door panels from scratches, muddy paw prints, dog drool, pet hair, etc. If your dog likes to ride, this product is perfect for keeping the door panels of your car interior in new condition.

Janice from Cedar Falls, Iowa loves them. “It is so much easier to remove the bibs and car seat cover off to clean them. And when I do, the inside of my car still looks and smells brand new.”

Jacob from Grand Rapids, Minnesota says, “My dog Zeus is a drooler.  He loves to ride in the car but when he does, slobber gets everywhere.  The car seat cover protected the seat but I had nothing to protect the doors until I found the door bib.  It doesn’t stop Zeus from drooling but now I feel much better about letting him ride in my new car.”

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One Response to “Keep Dog Drool off your Car Interior”

  1. Sophia:

    What a great idea!