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Wire Mesh Pet Car Barrier

A pet car barrier to keep your dog from distracting the driver.

Traveling in a pet crate or dog seat belt would be safer for your best friend. But some dogs just don’t like riding in them. We advise training them to get used to it, but we understand that is not always so easy. And sometimes you just need a short term solution until you can get them used to it. That’s where a dog car gate can come in handy.

The best safety feature of pet car barriers is that they can help keep your dog from being a distraction to the driver. Your dog can no longer stand on the center console. And a dog car gate will deter your dog from trying to climb over and into your lap.

Pet car barriers may provide some protection in a car accident. With a dog car gate in place, your dog won’t fly to the front seat and hit you or crash into the windshield.

Metal Dog Car Barrier

A metal dog car barrier.

We have three different kinds of pet car barriers. There is a metal dog car gate. This tends to have the most coverage, but they are installed with pressure mounts which may leave indentations on the ceiling and floor. Small dogs may be able to get through the bar gates. And the wire mesh gate is not a universal fit so there may still be some gaps for your dog to go through on the sides.

The Pet Net Brand Car Barrier

The Pet Net Brand car barrier.

The next type of divider we have is called The Pet Net Brand. It is durable yet flexible, which means if your dog flies forward into it, the pet net will absorb some of the impact. But this divider does not go all the way to the top or the sides. So a determined dog might be able to climb over it or find a way over on the sides.

Maya Behind Outward Hound Pet Car Barrier

My Maya behind the Outward Hound pet car barrier.

The third type of divider is the cloth dividers. This is the simplest, and oftentimes the least expensive, of the pet car barriers to install. They only cover the center console area, though. So a determined dog can climb over it, just like with the pet nets.

If your dog doesn’t like riding in the pet crate or hates wearing a dog seat belt, consider one of the three different kinds of pet car barriers. A metal dog car gate generally works best in SUVs while the pet net and cloth dividers will work in both cars and SUVs. The metal ones generally work best for larger dogs while the net and cloth ones are better at keeping smaller dogs in the back seat. Take the size and the temperament of your best friend into account. Think about which product would work best for your vehicle. And, as always, have happy and safe travels.

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2 Responses to “Pet Safety Saturday – How Pet Car Barriers Provide Safety”

  1. SUGAR: Golden Woofs:

    That’s my mom’s ?. Is is really safe just to have a barrier and/or scoop cover(especially made for our car)?. That’s what we have for the past 11 years … no accidents. I like it as I can stretch and change position. Mom is now thinking to get an attachment from my harness to the seat belt but no holes on the cover. Please let us know. Lots of Golden Thanks n Woofs, Sugar

  2. SephiAndMaya:

    It provides some safety in that the dog can’t be a distraction. But a seat belt connection would be better, or riding in a crate. I’m noy sure I know what you mean by “no holes on the cover”. Email me at and I’d be happy to see what options you have available. 🙂