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I want to share a short tale about a cute GoldenDoodle named Spud. Spud’s mom had purchased a dog car harness from another company and had a scary experience with it. The tether broke when she stopped suddenly. Poor Spud could have been hurt. Obviously, Spud needed a better pet seat belt so we sent Spud’s mom the safety tested Bergan brand. Here is the photo she took of Spud wearing it. Isn’t he adorable!

Spud Doodle and Bergan Dog Car Harness

Spud is a regular at Here is a direct link to the article that Spud’s mom wrote on Doodle Kisses about her pet seat belt experience – DoodleKisses.

Here is Spud running around with a ball. I just love how cute his ears are when they’re airborne like that.

Spud GoldenDoodle Running with Ball

Spud’s floppy ears are so cute!

Not all dog car harness brands are created equally. A few have not even had testing. For tested brands, consider the Bergan brand like the one Spud is wearing. Also consider PetBuckle, Kurgo Tru-Fit with enhanced strength, and the Roadie Ruff Rider. We have these available on the Dog Seat Belts page of our retail site. Spud’s new Bergan harness and tether has been safety tested to withstand 2,500 pounds of force.

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3 Responses to “Not So Wordless Wednesday – Spud Doodle’s New Dog Car Harness”

  1. SUGAR: Golden Woofs:

    Woof! Woof! Mom is looking for a new car “harness”/buckle for me … having a hard time to decide as many have change their design. It is scary when it’s not properly made. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. SephiAndMaya:

    It is difficult to decide as there is not yet a safety standard for dog car harnesses. The designs keep changing because more testing is being done and they want to make their products better. is a good resource for unbiased reviews. They have reviewed the PetBuckle and Roadie Ruff Rider, both of which we have. I’ve used the PetBuckle and Maya before and liked it. Then I started having Maya use the Bergan when I discovered them. After that, I switched to Kurgo after they replaced their plastic buckles with metal ones. Pierson still uses the Bergan.

  3. Flea:

    Oh my dog! The Golden Doodle is ADORABLE!!! And a great size! The harness looks great on Spud!