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February 25, 2009

Dog car seat belts are not the only product out there that can help protect you and your pet travel in safety in the car. There are also pet auto barriers for vans and SUVs. These barriers keep the dog in the back of the vehicle. Should you stop suddenly, the dog may fly forward, but they won’t hit you and they won’t get thrown out the front windshield. Smaller dogs can use pet car seats. Most dog car seats have restraints like seat belts and they also provide your dog with comfort. And finally, you can always keep your dog in a crate.

Dogs can still enjoy a car ride with a dog car seat belt on. Both my dogs get so excited when I get their dog car seat belts to put them on. So help everyone and even your pet travel in safety. Dog car seat belts and other safety restraints are a great idea for every passenger.

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