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Labrador and Pet Travel Calm

Travel Calm really worked on my crazy Labrador Maya!

Do you all remember the video of my crazy Labrador Maya in the car? If you missed it, check it out HERE. Basically, my Maya LOVES to ride in the car. She is so excited about it that she whines and cries for the first 15 to 20 minute of every car ride. At first, it is cute. But, as you can imagine, it doesn’t take long to grate on the nerves. I wasn’t sure what to do about it until I came across this pet travel product from Earth Heart called Travel Calm.

Travel Calm is an herbal mist spray that you put on your dog’s outer ears or on their belly. You can also spray it on the fabric of your vehicle or on your dog seat cover or pet car seat. The natural herbal scents are supposed to help soothe your dog and calm him. It can work for excited dogs like my Maya and for nervous dogs.

Travel Calm from Earth Heart

With an upcoming road trip from Kansas to Texas with my dogs over the Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I would give this mist spray a try. I am super excited to say that the pet Travel Calm worked great! Maya may have whined once for one second, but that was it! You can see my review posted on December 1st, 2012. I was so happy with this product that our company purchased a bunch more for resale.

Pet Travel Calm is now available on Plus we are giving away a free bottle at the end of March! Check out the Rafflecopter below and enter to win your free bottle of this great pet travel product. This contest giveaway is available to those with a shipping address in the continental US only. You do not have to enter in every category on the Rafflecopter but each category you enter gives you another chance to win. The contest ends at 11:59pm CST on March 31t, 2013. A winner will be chosen on or around April 1st… Maybe we will do it on April 2nd so that you don’t think our email saying you’re a winner is an April Fools’ joke! 😀
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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14 Responses to “March into Spring Pet Travel – Contest Giveaway for Travel Calm”

  1. diane conover:

    Junior has a little anxiety when in the car.He wants to keep moving and i think that upsets his stomach

  2. Holly:

    My dog pants, shakes, drools and yawns repeatedly in the car. I think it’s anxiety! 🙁

  3. Nicole:

    Which one? We have 4. One loves to go for rides, another doesn’t care, the last two get nervous and one of them ALWAYS either throws up or gets diarrhea. Vet trips are always interesting haha

  4. deanna:

    she shakes a little and sheds a bunch

  5. Danielle Murgia:

    She jumps around and wants to sit on my lap.

  6. Daraya:

    She moves around a lot and tries to get into the front seat!

  7. Cheryl Chervitz:

    My dogs do really well after about 5 min. They end up laying down and sleeping or looking out the window!

  8. Claudia Duarte:

    he barks at all the people like crazy when we go on little trips down home..i hope if we win this works plus long trips would be heaven to us so we are going to cross our fingers to win..

  9. shari:

    Hi Dawn,

    Whomever owns a dog needs to book mark her blog & website, she has excellent customer service. Dawn is very knowledgeable about the products she sells, and actually knows more than the average Petco employees.

    PS sell squeaky toy

  10. Giggedygeekmum:

    I’m heading out on Monday to the shelter to adopt so I can’t quite say yet.

  11. Theresa Spaid:

    My dog Kota sees a car coming at us in other lane and hes on my head while I’m driving all 3 of my dogs get excited while riding

  12. Patty S.:

    He shakes and freaks out!

  13. G:

    I have eight dogs, three of which are rescues. While six of my dogs, including one of the rescues behave very well in the car, the other two rescues do not. One rescue is very hyper and wild acting on the car and though he’s only a nine pound chihuahua, his hyperactive behavior in the car and whining makes for unpleasant trips with him and he doesny go on rides just for fun like the others. And my final rescue, a pit bull is ver nervous about cars. I believe that he was thrown from a vehicle as a puppy…I found him in horrid condition at approx 12 weeks old and he has been terrified of vehicles the entire time I’ve had him…. You must lift all seventy pounds of him and if you put him in the car, he immediately crawls into the floor, its pitiful…he is so scared and vie tried all sorts of things to help him get over his car fears….it makes me sad because my other dogs love car rides so much and we go for rides often… I would love to try this product for the two rescues as if it would help either of them even a little bit, it would be great to have….thank you

  14. SephiAndMaya:

    That’s so sad. Poor guy. 🙁 Good luck on the drawing. We will be picking a winner soon. Another thing to consider trying is the Thundershirt.