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January 19, 2009
There Are So Many Crates To Choose From …

Some owners just love their pets so much that they can’t seem to leave them home while the family goes out. But bringing your pets along can be very inconvenient without crates to keep them secured especially when you travel by car.
Pet owners should choose among the many kinds of
pet crates available in the market. To guide you of your choice, here are some brief backgrounds of each of the types of crates:

1.     Solid plastic crates – best if travelling by plane and safer but consume much space.
2.     Fixed or Folding Aluminum Crates – light in weight but durable, it is best for veterinary hospitals and car travel.
3.     Wired Crates – can also be folded but heavy. It allows better ventilation and clear view for pets and is used for car travel and veterinary hospital.
4.     Soft crates – easy to carry and store since it is lightweight and can be folded. However, it cannot be used for pets who like to dig or chew in the crate.
5.     Tents – like soft crates, it is portable and space-efficient.

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