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We hear a lot from other dog-lovers about how their dogs hate riding in the car. They whine, pant, and want to pace. We want pet auto safety but it can be difficult if the dog is too nervous to sit still in his dog seatbelt. What can we do to help these poor dogs that get nervous in the car? One product we discovered recently is a mist spray called Travel Calm. But there is another product that is even more popular and better known. It is the Thunder shirt.

How Does the Thundershirt Work?
Studies have shown that it improves the behavior of 80% of dogs in stressful situations. This does mean that it might not work for your dog, but the chances are good that it will. For the 20% it doesn’t work for, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Shipping refund is not included but for $6, it is worth a try. It has worked for thousands of dogs all over the world. It might help your dog too.

This is a Lab like my Maya, but this photo is not of Maya.

The Thunder shirt for dogs works by putting gentle pressure on your dog. Scientific studies and common applications of pressure for certain situations have shown that this sort of gentle pressure has a good calming effect. They believe pressure works by encouraging the body to release calming endorphins. Consider a baby that calms down after being wrapped in swaddling. Also, some people with autism use pressure techniques to help them through stressful situations.

What About Cats?
We all know cats have to ride in the car sometimes too. And we also know that most cats really really hate the experience. So we have Thunder shirts for cats too!

My Labrador Maya gets excited in the car. She exhibits some of the characteristics of nervousness (panting, pacing, whining), but it is excitement. The Thundershirt did not work to help with Maya’s excitement.

Pierson had to go to the vet yesterday for his annual shots. He is terrified of the vet and the last time he went, he peed on himself. Trust me when I say this is very unusual for him. So this time when he went I had him wear his Thundershirt. He did great in it.

Here is another dog that did well in the Thunder shirt.

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One Response to “Introducing the Thunder shirt for Dogs That Get Nervous in the Car”

  1. Flea:

    Oh very cool. Now this looks like a useful product. I’ll have to order one. Patches hides in the tub during storms and fireworks. This might work for her. Thanks!