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These aren’t very good photos but it was the best I could do on Tuesday evening. We are leaving at about 5:30am tomorrow so tomorow would not be a good time to post pictures. These two photos are of our rental car. My dogs Maya and Pierson will be riding in the cargo area since there will be four people-passengers in the seats. Since we are renting a vehicle, I have lined the cargo area with a sheet and a car seat cover. I have also put Maya & Pierson’s bed in the back. And I have attached the tethers of their seat belts to the cargo area. Their dog seat belts are lying on the dog bed so that all I have to do in the morning is get them in the back and put the dog car harnesses on.

Our rental SUV since we can’t get four people and two big dogs in our cars.

I made the back nice and comfortable for my pups. And also tried to protect the cargo area of our rental vehicle from dog hair. Otherwise, the cleanup fee would be an additional $50 or more.

I will try to post more pictures of our trip along the way. If I don’t add more by Thanksgiving day, check us out on Saturday! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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