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We like to try to use our own photos instead of the manufacturer photos for our pet auto safety products. However, the photos for these pet travel products don’t always work out for various reasons. Here is a wonderful collection for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop:


This photo didn’t work out because Pierson was hidden behind Maya.

This photo isn’t so bad. We just didn’t use it because you can’t see the Bergan logo on Pierson’s dog car harness.


This is a friend’s dog, Roxy. This photo didn’t work out because you can’t really see that Roxy is strapped into the Kurgo pet car seat. And the orange car seat lining is crooked.


This photo is okay, but its not excellent. It makes for a cute photo, but not a product photo. The lighting just isn’t right – too much dark and too bright highlights.


I just don’t like how I look in this photo. Also, Pierson is looking away and you can’t really tell that he is wearing his dog seat belt. Maya looks good, though.


This is Sephi on the heated seat cover. The lighting in this photo is definitely not good. Sephi is the only thing that makes this photo look good.


You can’t really tell from this photo but Sephi & Maya are passed out in the back seat on one of our long road trips from Kansas to Texas.

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4 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Quality Pet Travel Products, Unsuccessful Photos”

  1. Maggie:

    Hi all!
    Taking doggie product shots is always crazy! Dog models can be so temperamental! it’s all about them not the product! Great loving shots to keep though! Wagging Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Kirby the Dorkie:

    LOL! Thank goodness cameras can do rapid shooting and are digital. Mama must delete 50 shots once she gets that perfect one!

  3. Samantha Daley:

    Nice to have such willing participants! 🙂

  4. A Husky Life:

    Those are some great photos! I really liked being able to see what it takes to get good product photos. Definitely not easy!