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November 7, 2012

Designed to fit on a small couch, this plush cover can also be used in the back of your SUV. It can also be used in the back seat of your car, however, it does not have straps to secure it to the seat. If used in the back seat of the car, it would work more like a blanket.

To enter to win this month’s contest is simple. Enter the Rafflecopter options below. Like us, follow us, comment, or all of the above! The more you do, the greater your chances of winning.

There will only be one winner as we just have one of these left. The contest ends November 30th and the winner will be chosen at random on December 1st. Please note that you must be a resident of the continental US to win. We will not be able to ship this item outside the continental US.

Good luck on this Pet Auto Safety giveaway!

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28 Responses to “Enter to Win a Comfy Cargo Cover / Couch Cover Giveaway”

  1. Trish B.:

    I have nine rescued dogs of my own and one foster dog. I also help transport dogs. I would love to have this to save my Toyota Scion xB from all of the dog hair! Thank you!

  2. SephiAndMaya:

    Nine rescue dogs! Wow!!! That is a house-full (and a car full). 🙂

  3. jayedee:

    i’d love to win this for our oldest girl, Fleego. Her bones are a little sore and tired and the extra pampering would do both her AND i a lot of good.

  4. Ann Paws:

    It looks like a very comfy bed. I’m sure my dog would enjoy one 🙂

  5. Larrielle:

    Bentley enjoys laying on the couch, but as of right now I have a sheet covering it so he doesn’t damage the furniture. It would be nice to have a comfy cover for him as he lies on the couch.

  6. Cheryl Chervitz:

    I have 4 small dogs and need to keep my couch covered, since they think they own it!

  7. Misty:

    We’re always finding water holes to stop in. It would nice to have a removable pad to dry out.

  8. Nancy:

    If it sticks to a dog, Molimo will eventually have it stuck to her. It will be nice to have a barrier.

  9. Rick:

    The girls and I are in and out of the vehicle all day long. This would give us a chance to shake it out and go again.

  10. victoria a:

    My car is a bit of a mess when taking dogs to the park, it would definitely help cut back on the hair and possible accidents.

  11. Raine:

    My parents dog is getting up there in age, and with cold NY winters this would make all of his car trips so much more comfortable than just laying on the cold seats. Great giveaway-thank you!

  12. Sharon Gilbert:

    Schooner and Skipper would love to have something very soft comfortable place to lay on during on trip to visit the triplet grandchildren and be able to bring it in the house for them to have a soft place to rest

  13. Theresa Spaid:

    My three black dogs like the couch so that would be something I could really use

  14. Theresa Spaid:

    It would work great for my couch with my 3 black dogs

  15. KateV:

    I want to win this because it seems like it can be used so many ways. It could be used on the floor for my Cheyenne, who won’t jump on the couch but likes to use the bolstered edges as a pillow when she lays down. It would work for Shiloh, who does like to jump on the couch but leaves fur embedded in the cushion. And t would work to make him a little more comfortable in the backseat of the car (buckled in of course!!)

  16. Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes:

    I don’t own a car. So when we travel with our Golden Retriever, we have to cover the seats to keep the dog hair down. Having a dedicated cover would really help.

  17. DebbyM:

    My girl has long hair…and loves to go outside romping in the woods….and loves to bring that back with her…in the car..and the couch. This would be a nice treat to try and keep them both clean.


  18. Kelly Ann T.:

    My dog and I are always on the go together and I would love to win this comfy place for him to stay.

  19. Jessica R.:

    So my doggies don’t get as much hair all over the couch!

  20. brian:

    i could use this!

  21. Marysa:

    Great giveaway! Well designed product.

  22. Robin Quick:

    I would like to win it because my dog likes sleeping on our couch & this would be a great cover for the coach & keep her comfy too!

  23. Catie:

    I’d love to win this for my fiance’s car. Blankets just don’t cut it!

  24. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt:

    Because he’s 14 years old and I’d like for him to be comfortable when he goes to Grandma’s.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. robin phillips-knotts:

    b/c my couches are always covered in hair. lol. ty!

  26. robin phillips-knotts:

    I wasn’t sure my comment took. sorry if this is a dupe.

    B/c my couches are always covered in hair. Ty!

  27. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt:

    I’d like to win it for my 14 old dog who has achy bones.

    (tried to sub but I don’t think it worked. Can you check?)

  28. likwan:

    I would like to win this cover because it looks very nice!