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October 20, 2012

When Mary G got back from her trip to Colorado with her Irish Setter Ruby, she sent as an email telling us how much Ruby loved her new Kurgo dog car harness and auto zip line:

“I love it,  she gave me no problems,  the zip line allows her to stand by turn around and then relay down like she always does,  then I just leave the harness on to walk her also-  much nicer and lighter weight than the harness I have used before

“Thanks so much,  glad I found you guys

“Mary G.”

Thank you, Mary for considering us for your pet travel needs and for telling us about you and Ruby’s experience. 🙂 I bet Ruby had a lot of fun in Colorado. We’ve got to take our dogs there sometime.

The Kurgo dog car harness has been tested for safety and safely restrains almost any sized dog. The auto zip line allows the dog to be restrained but also gives them the freedom to move back and forth in the back seat. This is especially helpful for dogs who won’t sit still in the car and who may otherwise try to wiggle out of the harness.


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