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How to Put on the Pet Car Harness

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 10, 2008

Dog seat belt

Follow these directions for using the Pet Car Harness sold by

1)  Unbuckle the straps and unclip the safety strap from the D-ring of the pet car harness.

2)  Put the pet car harness on the dog so that the metal D-ring is on the dog’s back facing the tail, the shorter strap is close to the dog’s neck and the larger strap is at the dog’s middle.

3).  Fasten the buckle of the shorter strap around the dog’s neck.  Adjust to fit to about the same looseness or tightness as the dog’s collar.  You should be able to slide two fingers under the strap.

4)  Put the dog’s front right leg through the pet car harness so that padded chest piece goes from the dog’s throat to between their legs to under the chest.

5)  Bring the longer strap of the pet car harness behind the dog’s front legs and fasten the buckle.  Adjust looseness or tightness as per above.

6)  Attach the safety clip to the D-ring of the pet car harness.

7)  Put your dog in the car and insert the buckle clip into the seat belt buckle receptacle of your car.

8)  Adjust the safety strap to desired length so your pet can comfortably sit, lie, or stand in the seat.  The strap should not be so long that your dog can get onto the floor of the car.  Or what we do is use the Extend-A-Seat along with our pet car harness so that we can lengthen the strap and give our dogs have more maneuverability.

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