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Original Hatchbag® Cargo Area Liner.

Author: MayaAndPierson
November 22, 2008



Cargo Area Liners are great for SUVs, station wagons, and mini vans. Cargo Area Liners keep muddy paw prints and scratches from damaging the interior of your vehicle. Not only that, it keeps dog hair from getting lodged in the fabric of your interior. As any pet owners who allow their dog in the car knows, pet hair is very difficult to remove from fabric.

The Cargo Area Liner is made of industrial grade, waterproof, heavy-duty vinyl coated polyester fabric. It is double sewn at the seems for exra strength. The Cargo Area Liner from Hatchbag® is easy to install and fits most vehicles. For older cars, the Cargo Area Liner uses Velcro type fasteners. For 2007 and current vehicles, the Cargo Area Liner is attached using hook/tab fasteners which slide between your window and the interior molding.

A long-time user of the Hatchbag® Cargo Area Liner says, “I can only imagine what my van would look like without the cargo liner. I take my dogs to the lake at least twice a month in the spring, summer, and fall. If it wasn’t for the cargo liner, my van would be a muddy mess and the smell of wet dog would be overwhelming.”

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