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My Dog is Crazy about the Car!

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 6, 2012

Is this what your dog is like in the car? Imagine how much worse my Labrador Maya would be if she wasn’t wearing her dog car harness. Yes, she is excited. But she can’t jump to the front seat like she wants to. While her whining is annoying, at least I don’t have to worry about her trying to climb all over the place trying to look out each window. Maya is protected and so am I.

Because Maya is wearing a dog car seat belt, she can’t distract me (except with the whining which can be ignored). Another benefit is if I happen to be unlucky enough to be in a car accident, chances are my 65lb lovable pooch won’t get thrown into the back of my head… or out the windshield.

I often read news stories about dogs who escape the car after a car accident. They either get hit by oncoming traffic or run off in terror, never to be seen again. If you are in a car accident with your dog, a pet seat belt might be able to keep that from happening. Your dog stays in the car where emergency personnel can try to help him, get him to a vet, and/or get him to a family member.

Even if your dog isn’t like my Maya in the car and before you discard the idea of your dog wearing a pet car harness, consider all the benefits:

* Your dog is less of a distraction,

* Your dog is less likely to become a dangerous projectile which could injure you or other passengers,

* Your dog is more likely to still be in the car when emergency personnel come to help,

* Like the benefit of seat belts for people, your dog is more likely to survive a car accident.

Car harnesses for dogs are becoming more advanced. More are being tested for safety than ever before. The leading experts in pet travel are listening to the public and looking for better ways to ensure the safety of our beloved four-legged friends.

My dogs take to the pet car harness very well, but not all dogs will. Some will try to chew their way out. Training can help them get used to it. Or you can consider putting your dog in a crate, then securing the crate in the car with kennel restraints. Traveling in a secured crate has all the same benefits as listed above.

Your dog is family. Protect him life family.

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2 Responses to “My Dog is Crazy about the Car!”

  1. Maggie:

    I think Maya just wants to know where your going today! She’s very chatty! However excellent that she is in her seatbelt! My beagle on occasion would like to drive if she didn’t have her belt on!

  2. SephiAndMaya:

    Chatty! 😀 That’s a nice way of putting it, Maggie. Maya’s like this whether I take her to the dog park or to the vet. I don’t know if she’d like to drive or not, but she’d sure love to sit in my lap.