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September 22, 2012

Fifteen years ago when I bought my first dog seat belt, people laughed at me and rolled their eyes. “Seat belts for dogs, what will they think of next?” But as more and more people see pets as family, fewer people laugh. Pet safety in the car is becoming more common. Heck, New Jersey even made a law about it. People are finally beginning to see the benefits. Even car dealers are starting to promote pet safety features in their vehicles. Car insurance companies are considering it too.

One website that provides car insurance quotes for free wrote a really nice article, “Safe Driving with Dogs“. Their article makes many of the same points which we too try to stress:

* It is not a good idea to allow dogs in the front seat. They stressed it was a bad idea because the dog can be more of a distraction. We’d like to add that it is also not a good idea because passenger side airbags are not safe for dogs.

* Seat belts for dogs to prevent driver distraction.

* Keeping dogs in crates for comfortable traveling.

* Take water and treats for your pets when you travel – especially for long road trips.

* Steps or pet ramps for older dogs can be very helpful.

* Gates, or we call them pet vehicle barriers, are great for keeping dogs in the back seat so they don’t distract the driver.

* Don’t let your dog sit in your lap when you drive.

For more detailed information on this article, click on the link above and learn about safe driving with your dogs. If you protect your vehicle with car insurance, why not protect your beloved pet too?

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