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September 15, 2012

We have recently acquired the new and improved version of the Kurgo dog seat belts. How are these pet car harnesses better? They have metal buckles instead of plastic. Kurgo has done more research into the safety of their products. They have completed more safety tests as well.

The enhanced Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harnesses have undergone three important safety tests:

1. Dynamic static line test,

2. Tensile strength test,

3. Crash testing using a sled test.

The tests show that the enhanced harness can withstand 2,250 pounds of force. This improvement is made in part by the new all-metal nesting buckles. What are nesting buckles? They are similar to the buckles used by rock climbers and linesmen.

Our dog Maya is now wearing the new enhanced Kurgo dog car harness (top photo) and she loves it. It fits her well. She is wearing the red one, but note that currently only has the black one available. To get a discount, feel free to use discount code, petfriend, for 10% off.

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2 Responses to “The Enhanced Dog Seat Belts from Kurgo”

  1. Jodi:

    Here’s my concern, in the first video did you see the way the neck was yanked on the dog? This is a concern to me. Can the dog’s neck get snapped in an impact like that?

  2. SephiAndMaya:

    Jodi, I completely understand and share your concern. The padding on our Kurgo and Bergan harnesses help to dissipate the pressure through the entire chest area so as not to put all the pressure around the neck. I imagine in a high speed impact, the harness could put too much pressure. But if I were in that sort of accident, the Maya would be even more seriously hurt if she wasn’t wearing any sort of protection at all – She’d be thrown into the back of the seat, into me, or out the windshield. If you have concern over how these two harnesses fit, consider the Pet Buckle brand, which we also have. It has a cross piece which crosses directly over the front chest bone.

    Thanks again for your concern. There are very few brands of harnesses which have done any testing at all. We like Bergan, Kurgo, and Pet Buckle because we feel they have done the most extensive testing.