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Wordless Wednesday – Dogs & Kurgo

Author: MayaAndPierson
August 29, 2012

Maya & Pierson get to try most of our pet travel products. I say most because they are both too big to try out the pet car seats.

Here is Maya trying out the red Kurgo dog car harness (only the black harness is available on our site).

You can also see the Kurgo Backseat Bridge in the photo below. I love this product because it covers the floor of the car and gives Maya & Pierson more room to move around.

Pierson is wearing the Bergan dog seat belt. Both the Kurgo brand and the Bergan brand pet car harnesses have been tested for safety.

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3 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Dogs & Kurgo”

  1. Karen & Skeezix:

    I like riding in the car. But I’d rather be driving! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Flea:

    Can they still put their heads out the window? My doggies don’t like the car unless they can put their heads out the window.

  3. SephiAndMaya:

    Not with the Kurgo. The Kurgo dog car harness is more confining. This confinement helps to keep dogs from being tossed around as much should they be in a car accident. I understand the need for the dogs to move around, though. My Labrador Maya won’t hold still and will get herself tangled if she tries to move around in the tether from Kurgo. So I switched out the Kurgo tether for a Bergan one which is longer.